Casting Brass at Home

This is a video in which I make a brass house sign. It’s based on earlier casting videos, with refinements to the process shown as the video progresses. Needless to say, the video makes the process look far slicker than real life. I’ve not shown the enormous pile of failed 3D prints, the innumerable goes at making the sand mold before giving up and increasing the draft on the playing card symbols and reprinting again (7° and 2 mm deep seemed to work) , the ensuing sulk on my part when my wife said the corners should be round (she was right – reprinting again!), the cast that didn't flow, and lastly we won’t even mention the multiple attempts at painting and then stripping it off again (gloss looked awful, B&Q silk peeled straight off because I didn’t use an undercoat, and the disastrous B&Q all in one primer and top coat that sprayed huge globs of paint all over it!). Still, got there in the end!

The usual warnings apply. If you have a go at this then it’s probably best to get the refractory wool that isn’t carcinogenic, don’t breathe the zinc fumes, don’t spill molten metal all over yourself, don’t blow yourself up with propane, don’t set fire to yourself, and above all stay safe, do your research, and use common sense!
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