Wooden Wine Crates - Prepared by Wine Crates & Boxes

This is a step-by-step how to guide on how we refurbish and prepare our wooden wine crates.

Only the best of all vineyards are offered, and below are how we make them nearly perfect:

Step 1: inspect. About half of all wine crates we review don't make the cut because of structural issues. Choice crates are the only ones we move forward on.

Step 2: Removing staples, nails etc. Once the wine is removed from the crate, the lid is usually taken off and there's remaining nails and staples.

Step 3: Removing stickers or markings. During the import process the crates are stickered, taped or drawn-on with magic marker. We take off these imperfections.

Step 4: Reinforcing. Our goal is to make sure your crate lasts for years. Many last for generations.

Step 5: Smooth-sanding. This removes scuffs, remaining sticker glue and gives the crate a nice texture.

Step 6: Dust removal. High pressure compressed air completely gets rid of all the dust after sanding.

The end result is an original wine crate ready for immediate use, finish or stain. We guarantee satisfaction! Visit www.winecratesandboxes and buy a few for a new project.
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