Pottery: How to Make a Planter Pot

How to Make a Planter Pot? - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats.

We will talk about making a planter pot on the wheel. We will take our clay, drop down. It is sealed to the wheel. A couple cones. Take out the air bubbles. And, when I make planter pots I like to keep the pot that collects the water in the bottom attached to it so I do not have to move around both things. So, what I will do is once I am centered I am going to take some clay from the side and I am just going to push it down like this. So, It will open.

And one thing when you are making planter pots to keep in mind is the shape of your pot is going to determine the shape of your plant. So, if you have a tall, skinny pot, your plant is going to grow tall and skinny, short and fat pot, you are going to get a short and fat plant. So, I like my plants nice and tall. So I am going to go for a little bit taller, little bit skinnier of a pot. Now I am going to come down to this bottom part, the tray, I am going to push down. Do not want to push too far down. Cut it off. So we will leave a little bit of thickness down there. I am going to grab, kind of pinch the clay. And pinch this up here, create a little bit of a reservoir for my water.

Trim off some extra. Kind of refine my shape. And if I want to come back in here. I would suggest keeping this a little skinny so you can get your fingers inside here. Then, if you do want to widen it out, you can always come back and make it a little bit wider. And, we have got a planter pot. What I will do, once this is leather hard, I will take a drill bit and drill a hole for the water to drain through.
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