40 Zentangle Patterns | Doodling for Advance Learner l Doodle Art

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40 Zentangle Patterns or Doodle patterns simply made with a gel pen that everyone uses for writing.

So, here is the story behind this video!

I was just sitting on my desk and started doodling patterns on the paper using the gel pen in my hand. As I started drawing, the random patterns looked beautiful in some way. I kept on drawing and here is the result. So, there are only a few patterns which I could capture in a timelapse as the idea of filming a video hit my head a little later than it could have. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy watching the video.

Learn Zentangle Patterns /Doodle Patterns here and we will make beautiful Animal doodles using these patterns in upcoming videos. Stay tuned!

Art By : Rashmi Batham | 2019


Music By : Energetic Upbeat POP - Morninglightmusic

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