SOPHIA GREEN cement on plywood 2015

Orson Wells the spaniard Montaña
38"x48" Cement on plywood

1. A ‘whole’ formed by combining several (typically disparate) elements.
2. A material or structure formed from a loosely compacted mass of fragments or particles.
3. Pieces of broken or crushed stone or gravel used to make concrete, or more generally in building and construction work.

Subconscious imagery: A tactile representation of nature in a tangible form. These are abstract perspectives and emotional expressions of earthly and mans’ self-destruction; by nature, by man, and by both in unison.

We are where we are born, where we live, where and what we create, where and what we destroy, and ultimately where we die. In addition to all of this is our cosmic self.

Industrialization, urban expansion and now, over population have dramatically altered our natural state of being and our environment. I am a product of this new concrete, overcrowded Los Angeles .

With cement as my medium I deconstruct the indestructible. I make our current landscape a little more natural: By using the key component of our contemporary urban environment to create something beautiful and naturally aesthetic I attempt to harmonize our natural state and our current world."
Cement art
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