Sewing art

Santa making activity...
Yes, it was Christmas special. Sewing, stuffing, sticking activity.
A little practice and then he was on his own. He picked up on it pretty quickly, but his interest level went down a bit while sewing. sewing activities can help young kids learn fine motor skills and start learning about sewing. In the pre-beginner stage, kids would love to get their hands on a needle and thread. They would also love to sew like a grown up, but they aren't quite old enough for this, yet. However, that doesn't mean they can't get involved in sewing activities. I should accept the fact on my sewing knowledge level. I'm still a fresher as I didn't show interest in my school days. Making a felt threading activity is a great way to incorporate a theme and  it is easier for unexperienced hands.
Sewing is a wonderful Montessori practical life activity. Not only is it great for developing skills such as fine-motor coordination and concentration, but many sewing projects have added value as “real work” projects children can complete.
We had a great year in learning and facing challenges in life.
Fabric Art
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