Easy Watercolor Painting | Tree

Today we’ll be painting a tree standing alone. The process is simple, so it will be easy for beginners to follow along. Let’s picture the leaves as a group instead of looking at each individual leaf. Then, within the group, let’s find the smaller clusters of leaves and also draw them.

Once the sketch is ready, we can start painting. I’ll use Sap Green and Olive Green mixed with lots of water for the lighter parts. Then, I’ll mix Undersea Green or Viridian for the darker parts. Just working and mixing a few colors can create an endless variety of shades. Also, I’ll use the tip of my brush to draw the outline of the leaves.

Since the leaves cast a shadow, the tree trunk is a bit darker than the leaves. Here, I’ll use a calm Van Dyke Brown. I’ll add more water to paint the lighter parts and add more paint for the darker parts. This will add depth to the painting.

Today’s tree was pretty basic, in terms of its structure, but complex trees can be drawn the same way. If you have any questions, please leave me a comment down below. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and turn your notifications on for future videos! See you in the next video- bye!

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[ Supplies ]
Brushes: Raphael Petit Gris Pur 7
Paper: CANSON Moulin du Roy 300g, 100% Cotton
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