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  • 05:47 Relationships NEVER End Public Talk - Geshe Michael - Singapore 30 & 31 July 2013

    Relationships NEVER End Public Talk - Geshe Michael - Singapore 30 & 31 July 2013

    by agiftofgreen Added 123 Views / Likes

    Geshe Michael Roach is the author of the Diamond Cutter, which is the bestselling book around the world. The book tells how Geshe Michael helped started a company in Manhattan, which now reaches US$250 million in sales per year, using the ideas of karmic

  • 05:22 15 Zentangle Patterns

    15 Zentangle Patterns

    by agiftofgreen Added 188 Views / Likes

    Zentangle is getting popular and it is said to help release stress. It's easy to start and learn. Try these simple patterns!

  • 01:17 20 Amazing upcycling ideas

    20 Amazing upcycling ideas

    by agiftofgreen Added 182 Views / Likes

    Here i have 20 pretty amazing Re- upcycling ideas for you pleas give me a feedback if you want to see more give me a thumb upFor more resources on upcycling diy, check out: http://astore.amazon.com/agiftofgreen-20

  • 09:23 100 Cool Ideas! UPCYCLING!

    100 Cool Ideas! UPCYCLING!

    by agiftofgreen Added 133 Views / Likes

    Get more resources on recycle and upcycling from http://astore.amazon.com/agiftofgreen-20

  • 02:58 The Future of Social Robots

    The Future of Social Robots

    by agiftofgreen Added 129 Views / Likes

    Could a robot be your best friend? Designing robots that interact with humans is challenging. Not only do you need to get the tech right so that the robot can operate within a human environment, you have to understand human psychology to make the experien

  • 01:35 Arts Cowork Open Day 守藝人合作空間 開放日

    Arts Cowork Open Day 守藝人合作空間 開放日

    by agiftofgreen Added 132 Views / Likes

    Arts Cowork 是守藝人的合作空間,集創作生產、活動策劃、展覽場地、

  • 01:23 How to make moss paint

    How to make moss paint

    by agiftofgreen Added 221 Views / Likes

    Add a touch of green by putting moss paint on wall. Now you can even buy moss paint from Amazon. Just add water or beer and you are good to go! Go to: http://www.mosscraft.comLike Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Mosscraft-%E8%8B%94%E8%97%9D-88270458853


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